one stop solution platform that give you superpower to manage Learning Program, Projects, Team, Docs, Files, Schedule, Chat, and much more in single place!


Manage team easily with our project management tool, communicate with team easily on single place, tracking your team progress.


• User Validation with K YC progress using Face Recognition
• Team Profile, CV, Portfolio
• Project Management Tools
• Docs & Files Cloud Storage
• E-Learning with Videos, Ebook, Slide, etc
• Group Chat
• Schedule Management
• Automatic Check-in
• Info Board in Social Media format for internal usage


Office; Use PADEPROKAN as team management tools
Educational Institution; Use PADEPROKAN for Educational Institution such as University, High School, Training Center, Bootcamp on Offline usage purpose


Use PADEPROKAN to manage Your Work Team remotely (office), or Manage Your class remotely (educational institution).