SAPUJAGAD is one stop solution generator for your backend application! From microservices, databases, API, GraphQL, Socket, Storage, CI/CD, Deployment, and much more. You don’t even need to think about all of that repetitive stuff,

SAPUJAGAD do it for you!

  • No need to develop backend from scratch ever again! Simply design schemas for your project, we’ll generate the GraphQL, socket, even REST API for you!
  • No need to think about networking, server, deployment, CI/CD, and Security stuff, we do it for you!
  • No need to think about third parties such as Storage, Monitoring, etc! We already prepare it for you.
  • Role Management made easy
  • Developer page, and Admin page ready (Back Office)
  • SAPUJAGAD developed with microservices in mind, so it suitable for large scale application
  • Readable Generated Code.

• Schema to GraphQL and REST API (databases included)
• GraphQL Playground
• Schema Manager
• Data Table Manager
• Code Versioning
• Socket
• Authentication and Authorization with Role
• Management UI
• Code Customisation with Hook
• Cloud File Storage
• Third Party Authentication (Google)
• Push Notification
• Custom REST API endpoint
• Cron Job
• Email
• Packages Manager
• Server Logs
• Metrics and Monitoring


IT Department, Startup, or Software House
No need to develop backend from scratch ever again, it’s time and budget saving. Microgen also suitable for large scale app, because it already use microservices and best practice on developing backend.

Educational Institution
Microgen use best practices to develop backend, so it will be good example to be used as education purpose. Student able to use microgen to develop their project task app.